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Choosing silicone strips, shockproof is the most important
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Silicone sealing strips are nowadays more and more used in life, especially in the buildings most closely related to people's lives. The houses where people live, the commercial houses of companies, the design of doors and windows are all vital.

  What we know is that the traditional door and window installation is not particularly particular, just a simple door frame pane, but with the development of social economy。 People's needs are constantly improving, and this traditional design pattern is bound to be eliminated。

  Door and window sealing strips conform to people's needs. When decorating houses, they are equipped with silicone sealing strips for doors and windows. It can be shockproof and wearproof, which has a certain protective effect, prolongs the service life of doors and windows, and high quality door and window sealing strips. The sound insulation effect is also very good, protecting the privacy of people's lives, environmentally friendly and energy-saving silicone sealing strip, which is non-toxic and tasteless, and makes people feel more comfortable.

  In addition, not only the doors and windows need to be protected, such as some appliances, refrigerators, ovens, cabinets and furniture supplies also need to be protected, it can reduce wear, waterproof and moisture, and can be used for a longer period of time. Our company's series of door and window seals, refrigerator seals and other series of silicone products meet the needs of people. If you want to know more about the performance and role of silicone seals, we are happy to help you solve these problems.

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